Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My First Interview

I just Conducted A Phone Interview for my article. Lessons I've learned:

1) Make sure that you get good service- I had to call the interviewee about three times before I got good service from sitting outside. Waste of time and cellphone money.

2) Listen carefully. There might be useful information that you'll want in your news article and maybe even a quote that you don't want to forget.

3) Take a break- I've been looking at Robin McKinley's website. I'm tempted to email her and ask her if she has read Shannon Hale's books, including The Goose Girl. I've emailed Shannon before and I comment on her blog, and recently I became a member of her forum Little Red Reading Hood (before the course on a pen pal's recommendation).

4) Get back to work after your break- this is how you avoid wasting too much time. I'm going to put part of my story together now, the part about the interview. In fact, I'm trying to organize the information now.

5) Remember that this will look good on your college resume, that it's a good slice of experience from a real journalist's day/night hours, and that you now know whether or not you want to be a journalist.

Here is a picture of how I feel:

Ostensibly I'm doing work, but in reality I am transparent. (I love Googling pictures of Frollo.)

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