Monday, July 23, 2007

A better picture of Death and thoughts on fantasy

I like this picture of Death better with her brother Dream.

Something I was thinking about: why people don't read fantasy but they read Harry Potter. My sister told me on the phone that it was because Harry Potter is very mainstream since it's very funny and most fantasy isn't.

Also, Harry Potter is the most famous fantasy out there. That's why Diana Wynne Jones isn't mentioned among the famous fantasy authors although she has an international fanbase and she is a hilarious writer.

The biggest problem is that there is this stigma that only people who are obsessed with fantasy read it. To an extent I am obsessed with fantasy, but I also read sci-fi, children's fiction, the classics (sometimes I like 'em, sometimes I don't) and a little bit of nonfiction.

I also write fantasy the best out of these categories, but that's because I like to make stuff up. It's so much easier because you can be more original in fantasy. In science fiction there has to be some basis in SCIENCE, which is hard to come up with. I've recently come up with an idea, and there are some sci-fi stories that I'm proud of, like "Black Emily," but so many science-fiction writers have used all the good and original ideas. Even though the best sci-fi classics, Ender's Game and the War of the Worlds, are not original (alien invasions), the current sci-fi good stories include The Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfeld and Dr. Who, which are both VERY very original.

The doctor does look like he could be a sci-fi writer if he ever gives up being a Time Lord:

Then again, maybe I'm biased because he's good-looking and he looks intelligent, which he is.

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