Monday, July 23, 2007

Further thoughts on the Uglies trilogy

I've mentioned that the Uglies trilogy was good because it was original. That is partly true. (The covers on the right are the German covers, which I think look better than the American ones.)

The first book, Uglies (I know, the trilogy and the first book share a title; I didn't write the series), is actually the classic betrayal plot that appears in Over the Hedge, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, Gargoyles, you name it. The ending, unfortunately, is not a happy ending; I actually liked the ending and didn't want the series to continue.

As for the cover, I think that the girl posing for the cover could be a pretty, so that's why I don't really like the cover because it then implies that the pretties in the novel are super-beautiful like Barbie dolls. Which they are, but I don't think the pretty standards should be raised more than they are already.

Pretties is a different story, both literally and cover-wise. It's the story we never hear of how the remorseful betrayer actually pays huge consequences for her actions and how her friends suffer as well. The story ends on one of the most twisted cliffhangers that leads straight into book number three.

The cover is the best of the American covers because it actually nails down what pretties should look like. The problem is that this new Tally bears little resemblance to the old Tally. (Tally is the protagonist.) They even change her eye color. That may be intentional, but I still don't like it.

Specials brings the story to a thrilling climax. Tally is not a betrayer, but now an enemy. The world and Tally's ethics turn upside down more than once during this book and she again has to pay for her actions' consequences. This is the first time such a novel has been written. The ending leaves possibilities open
This cover is better than the one for the first book, but it's still a disappointment. Yes, Tally is pretty and she looks arrogant and artificial, but the artist didn't nail her, though he did a good job. When I see this cover I think of a regal queen, not a cruel empress. Once again, you cannot see the previous stage Tally was in, partly because the camera angle does not allow it and because they changed her eye color AGAIN. How do we know that this isn't Shay or Dr. Cable?
That bring said, you can't judge a book by its cover. You'll do yourself a favor if you read this book and the companion to the Uglies trilogy, Extras. And no, I'm not going to post up the cover until I read the book.

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