Monday, October 31, 2016

Tricks and Treating

This was my costume for trick or treating Sunday evening, and to go to our neighborhood party: a polka dot dress with an elegant sheet mask. My brother had gotten the sheet mask from his summer trip to Japan, and he suggested that I could wear it. It created quite the eerie effect. A lot of people who saw it liked it.

Only one rub existed: there was no trick or treating. It wasn't because of the grey sky, or the rain from the morning. It wasn't because of damage from a hurricane, since a hurricane missed us by a narrow margin. No, it was because the neighborhood association decided that trick or treating would take people away from the block party and dog parade.

"Halloween without trick or treating?" I pretty much said. "Are you kidding me?"

We went back to the party instead, and walked around, admiring the decorations. We accidentally picked up a bag of dog treats, ripped cupcakes from cobwebs, and watched a group of children in costume dance with the DJ. Then we drove home and washed up for dinner. It felt like a satisfying night.
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Halloween is my favorite holiday, because it's the only day we get to dress up and show off our best costumes. The fun of trick or treating comes from seeing the decorations that neighbors put up. You have the traditional pumpkins, and cobwebs and skeletons, but then you get some creative stuff, like giant purple spiders. Last night we also saw orange torches that flared with power.

Trick or treating also has its fair share of risk. Parents worry about their kids getting run over in the street, or walking around in the dark. That's why these days most trick or treating happens before sunset, with parental supervision. Our mom insists on driving us around since we don't have sidewalks, and one can easily get exhausted. There are the usual rumors of pranksters running out, and strangers poisoning treats (the latter of which was disproved).

Next year I may suggest that our family go to another neighborhood or a mall for trick or treating or another neighborhood. While the party is fun, I do miss the crawling around to see what other houses offer. Plus, one can't refuse free candy.

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