Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth Cleaning: Photos and Thoughts (Art of Connection Part Two)

Happy Fourth to everyone! Hope you're all enjoying a nice dose of history, celebration, and the nation's colors.

Weekend was the Florida Supercon, which was loads of fun. I got a photo with Tara Strong, one of the best voice actresses ever, as well as a signed print from Jim Cummings. In addition I sold a book, connected with fellow Undertale fans, and basked in a safe space for people that enjoy fandoms. One reader who bought a book last year came to talk with me, and gave me his card so I could email him. It was a good Sunday, with all of these great events happening.

My first thought was how sweet Tara Strong was to her fans. She complimented one family's Incredibles cosplay and during an hourlong Q & A was a good sport about answering questions as the characters she's played: Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony, Raven from Teen Titans, and Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls. Two girls in the cutest outfits asked the same question during a time-pressured event, but she gave the same answer in two different ways. It's important to be nice to fans who are children, and there were plenty of them in costume and not, because they are innocent and new to the world of lovely animation and books. Several kids asked to take photos with me, and I always obliged. It was quite flattering.

 Today was a cleanup day, so I've filled one garbage bag with various items, and noticing how dusty my room becomes when books and papers gather in one place. I've also used up some scrap paper for sketching, started charging a digital camera that can record video since my iPhone can't record sound, skimmed magazines to toss them, and went for a bike ride to clear my head in the hopes of writing for Camp Nanowrimo.

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There was one photo I was considering whether or not to toss, one of the pictures that was taken when I was in preschool. I don't have many memories of being that young, but I remember having that photo taken multiple times because I wasn't smiling right. Apparently I was showing too much teeth and grimacing. Given the photo was sitting on my windowsill, not in a protective frame, it had become faded and dusty. Before I could make a decision, my mother made the benevolent decision to take it and store with our baby photos.

It's amazing how much photography has changed in twenty years. When I was a kid, I wanted a camera on my own and had several disposable ones that were one-time use and relied on film paper that would burn up if exposed to light. Now I have a digital camera that works quite well when charged, and probably needs its memory cleared with all the photos I took during university.

This is a photo from my digital camera, showing some parrots that are renting our palm tree.

I greatly enjoyed connecting with people at the Florida Supercon. My sales skills still need some practice, but seeing so many happy people in one space offered hope in light of the tragic news that hit us in June with the Orlando shooting. Next year I'll certainly remember to take more photos. My goal this summer is to take more videos and photos with my digital camera instead of my phone, and to behave like an actual writer. I've signed up for a Camp Nanowrimo month, as well as a July Flash Fiction challenge. With luck by the end of this month I might have a short novel, or at least some good stories.

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