Friday, June 6, 2014

Liebster Award Answers

Hi everyone! Good to see all of you. Matt Anderson nominated me for a Liebster award, after he got nominated for one. To get the award, I am going to answer eleven questions that he has posed, provide eleven random facts about myself, and then nominate five bloggers who each have less than two hundred followers, asking them eleven questions.

1. Who are You? [the Who]

I am Priya Sridhar, an American with Asian heritage from the country of India. I am completely Americanized however and do not speak a word of Hindi or Tamil; my languages are English and Spanish, with a smattering of Japanese.

2. Are you Happy Now? [Michelle Branch]

I'm always happy when I write, unless I'm venting. At the moment I'm not venting so I'm pretty happy, especially since I got an acceptance in a week of rejections.

3.Who Do You Want to Be? [Oingo Boingo]

I want to be J.K. Rowling, William Joyce or Scott Westerfeld. But since I can't be any of them, I'd rather be myself at the moment. 

4. Will You Be Ready? [Imogen Heap ft. Murdock]

No. I will never be ready. But I will prepare to the best of my ability for whatever comes.

5. Where's Your Head At? [Basement Jaxx]

Somewhere in the book that I was reading, a Maya Angelou biography. 

6. What is Love? [Haddaway

Not answering this one because the song annoys me to death. 

7. Turn Down For What? [DJ Snake & Lil Jon]

I've mainly been turned down for internships and jobs. Still, eventually the rejections stop coming.

8. What's your Flava? [Craig David]

No comment, except that my favorite flavor of dessert is chocolate.

9. Do you Believe in Magic? [The Lovin' Spoonful]

No, except in the magic of words and in artwork. The supernatural is beyond me. 

10. (is there) Life on Mars? [David Bowie]

There was, billions of years ago.  Now, probably not.

11. Any Advice? [Nonpoint]

Just this: no matter what anyone tells you, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Just remember to learn from them, without losing your head.  

So the eleven facts . .  .

1. I used to have an intense phobia of snakes and drowning, and no the two were not related to each other.

2. I am an obsessed HTTYD fan. When I was a kid and teenager, the obsession was Harry Potter. Harry Potter still rocks.

3. On principle I will not watch the movie Maleficent, good as it may be. For more information, see my Tumblr post about my reasons.

4. I do not like iguanas. At all.

5. My story "The Fish With Legs" came out today. Hope you get the chance to read it and comment.

6. I am a member of Toastmasters, a public speaking seminar.

7. Favorite holiday is Halloween

8. Favorite webcomic at the moment is Love and Capes, closely followed by Albert and Serenity.

9. I love chocolate.

10. I also love cute animal videos; they're my weakness, especially ducklings.

11. I do not know how to use an Ames guide for lettering comics.

Now, for the five bloggers I will nominated several of my writer and editor friends: Corissa Glasheen, Morgan Dragonwillow, Philip Tolhurst, Terrie Leigh Relf, and Kathryn Phillips. Here are my questions for you four lovelies:

1. Why do you write?

2. What do you fear the most when reading a new book?

3. Dragons, vampires, or mermaids?

4. What do you love the most when reading a new book?

5. Do you listen to background music while writing?

6. Stephen King believes writing about scary things means they'll never happen in real life. Diana Wynne Jones had events from her books happening to her after she wrote them. Do you think writing about an event stops or causes it from happening?

7. Favorite genre?

8. Least-favorite genre?

9. Ideal vacation?

10. How powerful can books be, in the right or wrong hands?

11.  What book will you read over and over again?

Happy answering! Hope you all enjoy these tidbits, answers and questions

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