Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stop at Nothing

Right now I'm listening to a CD of wolf howls. It's pretty cool, like attending an animal choir. This venture is strictly research related, as the novel I'm rewriting involves wolves. Specifically, it involves wolves in California.
The howls have deep howlers, high-pitched "woos" and yips, and bits of whining. It sounds mournful, almost. Ravens caw intermittently, like the accompanying drum. There are grunts, whines, rolling sounds, and rumbles.
I learned an important lesson a long time ago: RESEARCH!! If you need to learn stuff for your story, look it up. Use Google. Do whatever it takes to get your book accurate.
You can't cheat on this. Readers will know if you cheated. (If you didn't, then they will find out thanks to your backstabbing college roommates.)
That's all I can say tonight.