Monday, June 2, 2008

It's a few days

The Graveyard Book is almost out! Go, Neil!
Sometimes I get really jealous of my favorite authors. I got not one, but TWO rejections this past month, one for the story "Outside My Window" and for the novella "Cutting the Cord".
"Cutting the Cord" (which is undergoing a title change and was submitted as "Her Demands") was supposed to be rejected. I'm going to submit to the intended magazine, Renard's Menagerie, as soon as I revise it one more time.
"Outside my Window" infuriated me more because when I submitted it, the editors of New Moon Magazine said, "What a chilling story!" And that was two years ago. Now, granted, the story doesn't have a moral like the other New Moon stories, and it's not that upbeat. But still, what story did they choose over mine?

...I guess I'll submit the story to another magazine after one more revision, but I AM going to keep submitting to New Moon. If I have to brave a religious man like Judge Claude Frollo, I will!
That is, assuming that I don't have to climb on Parisian rooftops.
At least they enjoyed the story.